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Lynda Millin Osborne

Founder & Creative Director of Cockatoo Dreaming

Her mission is to support people she meets to become empowered to connect with themselves, their ancestors, loved ones, their community and nature to; create a life they love living.” 

She works intuitively using spoken word, music, movement and ceremony that she has been gifted through her Ancestors, Elders, family and deep connection to nature and spirituality. She has been called to share Aboriginal culture with the world to encourage and guide others.

Guided by the legacy of her Ancestors, family and deep life experiences she works wither guides and spirit to advise those she connects. She has the skills and tools to support others through life due to her my extensive spiritual, life and career experience. She has been very successful in Business, Education and Sport.


Successfully navigating fifteen years in family run business, twenty years in the Education system with experience at the executive level and success as an elite athlete and coach at state and national levels.

Lynda Millin Osborne
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