Women over 40 are creating a new world order, defining life on their own terms.


As Gen X enters Middle Age for the first time, 40+ women are becoming freer, more financially independent, visible and expressed than at any time in history. A dynamic, revolutionary cultural shift is taking place as this generation redefines what it means to turn fifty.

The Silver Sirens event re-inspired, re-empowered and re-defined what it means to be a woman—particularly a woman over forty—and how we can draw on our personal strength to effect change within our homes, communities and culture. 

"If there is one event you want to go to for self-development, then Silver Sirens is it! It encompassed absolutely everything I was looking for in mind, body and spirit as a mature 51-year-old, and I didn’t know this is what I was seeking until I attended this event!"


Faith Agugu: Founder of Silver Sirens



If you want to shift your inner dialogue about ageing, Faith Agugu is the woman to have in your corner. She has always had the instinct that she would get better with age, and she is hoping to inspire other women into the same mindset, hence Silver Sirens.
In 2018 Faith launched the inaugural Silver Sirens event in Sydney. “We had some iconic Australian women who took the stage to speak about this potent and transformational period of our lives. "Health, beauty, business, leadership and spirituality were all on the agenda on the day.

“I always had an instinct that I would get better with age. At 20, I was looking forward to turning 30. On my 30th birthday I was 

eagerly looking forward to being 40. Throughout this period of my life, I dreamt about life in my 50s. Now at 53, I look forward with excitement to turning 60.”

Faith Agugu

"Faith’s dream of making a difference was palpable and inspiring at the inaugural Silver Sirens event. It’s rare to have the opportunity to join women of such diverse backgrounds and ages - sharing lived experiences. The speakers were outstanding, the day was also fun! Faith - thank you for bringing us together to shape the agenda on aging for women"

Ticket prices


General admission: $169

Group ticket 1 - 3 Sirens: $457

Group ticket 2 - 5 Sirens: $676

Group ticket 3 - 10 Sirens: $1183




  • They are women over 40

  • They are undergoing major life changes and making challenging life choices to create the life they want to live

  • Some are choosing to leave their marriages, have more autonomy and fulfil their potential outside of traditional roles

  • Others have independent children, giving them more time to focus on exploring their own dreams and desires.

  • Many are choosing to remain single and live alone

  • What each woman has in common is the desire to explore her agency and the opportunity to fulfil her full potential

  • Their priority used to be taking care of others, now they seek to focus on their own development and potential


There is a profound bond and commonality between women of the same age, which is why it is so nourishing to gather together and share in an experience like Silver Sirens.


The community is also a safe, non-judgmental space that embraces every woman that walks through the door, in all her glorious variety. Whether you are a yogi who greets the dawn with Tai Chi and eschews all artifice, a beauty queen who primps, pampers and plumps the lines away, a CEO alpha achiever out to conquer the world, or none of the above, we welcome you and can’t wait to meet you. 

Inspiring, empowering, connecting women.
Thank you for addressing some concerns and issues of this largely forgotten group of women. I felt very valued as a woman with so much yet to give to others. I felt inspired and empowered by all the speakers. A must do for any woman in this age group!


Re-defining Ageing is an inclusive event for all women. It addresses and celebrates the ageing process for women over 40 and provides role models for women of all ages

The hugely successful Silver Sirens movement, now in its second year, distills and celebrates everything exciting that is happening to women as a new movement is born. 


For one powerful, inspirational day women gather together, sister Silver Sirens from all walks of life, to benefit from the guidance, wit, wisdom - even vulnerability - of expert speakers. Throughout the day, the leaders explore the pillars of enhanced living and the reimagining of our own negative internal dialogue around ageing, to make the very most of this new phase of life. 

This includes:


●    Wellness 

●    Healthy Mindset

●    Business

●    Leadership

●    Spirituality

●    Change-makers

●    Community

●    Financial health 

●    Mentoring the next generation

●    Motherhood/Not having children

Ticket prices

    General admission: $169

Group ticket 1 - 3 Sirens: $457

Group ticket 2 - 5 Sirens: $676

Group ticket 3 - 10 Sirens: $1183

Meet your 2019 Re-Defining Ageing speakers

The Experts

Robyn Chuter

Plant-Powered and Thriving Through Menopause and Beyond

Midlife brings many changes to how women's bodies look, feel and function. However, a rapidly-growing body of research points to the benefits of adopting a plant-strong diet for slowing down the aging process, easing the menopausal transition, improving body composition and maintaining – or even increasing - our muscle strength through our sixth decade of life, and beyond. This presentation will equip you with strategies to optimise your eating pattern so you can look and feel your very best.

Sally Prowse

Money, Marriage and Divorce

Take control of your finances whether you'r single married or divorced. We will show you practical tools that help you save money and know where it goes. We will look at ways to keep your money both in marriage and divorce and lastly we will give you some practical tips to help you grow your money using leverage.

Gina Mitchell


The Lifting of the Hormonal Veil

You may have found that as you get older, you want different things to what you wanted in the past. Once the hormonal veil lifts, life will be different whether you plan for it or not.  Find out the secrets to making your life amazing now.

The Mothers

Nadine Bush

Perfectly Imperfect Mama

My personal journey as a mother of two boys, who are now grown men with lives of their own.  The processes I've gone through at different stages on the journey, from the early days of first becoming a mother, co-parenting through a divorce and transitioning through the grief that hits you when your children move out of home for good.

Jane Brown

Accidentally Childless

Not for one second did I ever imagine I would be a childless woman. One day I woke up and the opportunity to be a mother had shockingly passed me by. This pain and grief co-existed right alongside the reality that I was living a full technicolour life that I would never have had the opportunity to live, had I been a mother.

Silvana Stefanovic-Riley
Motherhood: unexpected turns

I will share a personal story of how my life unexpectedly and profoundly changed five years ago. Events called me up to deal with issues in my personal life that I spent decades dealing with in my professional life. As the world I thought I knew crumbled around me I had to step up and be the mother my adult daughter needed me to be.
The Change Makers

A special presentation by Aunty Hazel founder of GMAR (grandmothers against removals) and her daughter Helen Eason.

GMAR is a grassroots organisation that advocates against the forced removal of First Nations children from their immediate and extended families. 

GMAR supports families in navigating the child protection system, lobbying government and child protection agencies for improved outcomes for First Nations children, and works for self-determination in child welfare. 

GMAR is an official partner of Silver Sirens Re-defining Ageing 2019. Silver Sirens pledges to support the causes of GMAR by raising awareness of the prevalence of forced removal of Aboriginal children and Silver Sirens will offer financial support through fundraising initiatives when possible and applicable.

Aunty Hazel

Helen Eason

Lisa Fitzpatrick 

Unearthing and Healing the Shadow Side of Ageing – the art of becoming a fiercely kind mentor and advocate for younger women

Modern media overstimulates an unconscious thirst for youth that comes at a cost to many women as they age. There is the material cost of anti-ageing products and beauty treatments. And there is a more sinister cost of internalised shame, discontent and disconnection. Yet, you are not your age, you are your energy. Let’s explore how to unearth and heal the shadow side of ageing so that we can become worthy mentors of substance and advocacy for the next generation. 

Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

Small Tweaks create Big Impact.

We look at the great change-makers of our time and wonder how we, too, can make a difference. We can, each one of us, by making small tweaks for big impact. The tendency to be multi-passionate is both a strength and a detractor as we seek to leave a legacy, so we must focus on serendipity, opportunity and choice. Activism and advocacy is not optional, it's a necessity. We can create Triple Wins in every decision and action - wins for you, those around you and the world. I'll give you three simple tools to start your change-maker journey, or amplify the change you're already part of, by making the smallest of tweaks. 

"Any community event that brings a diverse range of elder women together and in 8 hours you leave smiling refreshed informed and embraced with your heart dancing, you got your money’s worth xx silver sirens ticked all boxes and beyond xx more please."


The Elders

Kim O’Brien


Finance, Women and changing Family Circumstances


In her work at Ernst & Young, Kim helps older women navigate changing financial circumstances in their families.

 This session will focus on the key financial areas Women need to consider when they face a change in circumstances in their family. This can result from a business sale, a family disagreement, a separation, a troublesome child, a marriage or the death of a family member. Many women find themselves having financial quandries for the first time and they just don’t know where to turn or where to start.  This session will provide you with some key takeaways to help women work through their finances as they face these changes throughout life’s ever challenging journey.

Carole Y Johnson

Founder and Artistic Director Emeritus, NAISDA Dance College

Founder Bangarra Dance Theatre

Special Performances 

Malika Elizabeth Reese

Singer, Performer, Writer

Loving the Wobbly Bits

Malika will showcase some of her best pieces including “When I grow up, I want to be an old woman” 

Malika has had, up until now, a good life with some very interesting moments. The interesting moments have shaped and defined her and put things into clear perspective. Life really is too short to sweat the small stuff or worry about the wobbly bits.

Art & Entertainment 

Fifty, female and very very f****d off.
Double Bay divorcees Chan & Dee are horrified to discover they are invisible so they've created their own TV chat show. We have a 6 part online series in development.

More speakers to be announced. If you would like to suggest a speaker, contact Faith at  silversirens@thehealingprocess.com.au

Ticket prices


    General admission: $169

Group ticket 1 - 3 Sirens: $457

Group ticket 2 - 5 Sirens: $676

Group ticket 3 - 10 Sirens: $1183

"Inspiring, beautiful, enriching"

"An amazing experience"

"You must come"

  • An inspiring day with 12 empowering speakers at the iconic Eternity Playhouse, home of the Darlinghurst Theatre Company
  • Be entertained by two world class performers
  • The opportunity to meet and socialise with women in an inclusive and heart-centred environment
  • Be part of a groundbreaking community
  •  Special offerings from the Re-defining Ageing speakers
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea by Two Trouts catering
  • A curated gift bag
  • On-site hand massages from our sponsor

Ticket prices


General admission: $169

Group ticket 1 - 3 Sirens: $457

Group ticket 2 - 5 Sirens: $676

Group ticket 3 - 10 Sirens: $1183


Silver Sirens acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land in which the Re-defining Ageing event takes place, the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future.

We welcome all Aboriginal people who work within and along side the Silver Sirens team.

Silver Sirens also pledges its  support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart, which calls for a First Nations Voice in the Australian Constitution and speaks to the work that must be done to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.






Silver Sirens recognises that we have a responsibility for protection of the environment and aims to drive sustainable outcomes in all of our operations.

 We aim measure and monitor our sustainability performance and openly communicate our performance to attendees of our event, sponsors and partners.

A special thank you to our 2018 sponsors


Silver Sirens welcomes financial, service and product sponsorship for our Re-defining Ageing event. If you are interested in becoming an ally of this groundbreaking event, email Faith.

Ticket prices

    General admission: $169

Group ticket 1 - 3 Sirens: $457

Group ticket 2 - 5 Sirens: $676

Group ticket 3 - 10 Sirens: $1183

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