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Emelda Davis


In my current position as founder and chair of Australian South Sea Islanders (Port Jackson) ( national representative since 2012 our board is representative of 70% women inclusive of youth representation as founding members.

Achievements include:

  • 2020 Parliament of NSW, Legislative Assembly Community Recognition Statement

  • 2020 Premiers Multicultural Community Medals (Settlement Services International NSW Human Rights Medal)

  • 2020 Masters of Arts (FASS) Children of the Sugar Slaves 'Black & Resilient'

  • 2017 Rotary Inspirational Women's Award 

  • 2017 Inspirational Wall Medal, Ultimo - Public School Sydney NSW

  • 2016 NSW Women of the Year (Sydney Local)

  • 2015 NSW Council for Pacific Communities Award 

  • 2015 ASSI National Assoc. constitution consult and adoption (Tweed)

  • 2013 Parliament of NSW Recognition of Australian South Sea Islanders

  • 2012-2015 'Wantok' ASSI National Conferences (7)

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