Endurance- a true test!

Having a spiritual practice unfortunately,  doesn’t mean I  don’t face challenges. I used to think if I meditated harder things would always be rosy. Sadly things  does not work that way and life has its cycles.

I also learnt to endure loneliness. With my family across the seas, I would ask my guardians the same question almost daily, “when is my family coming for me?” and I received the same answer, “soon”. As a child, I had no concept of time and the waiting and longing was a part of my daily life for 9 years.

 I spend time with things I love like my pets and spend as much time curled up in my room with a book that completely captures my attention to keep my mind distracted.

I leant the art of endurance as a child, walking many kilometers to fetch water everyday. I was able to make any task into a game and would cleverly rope friends in to help me.

 I find the hardest part of going through a challenging time is right in the middle when it seems that it would never end. When I have to call on all my resources to keep me sane. I meditate, get massages and healings and just keep putting one foot in front of the other until slowly, slowly I begin to inch my way through it.

 I surround myself with friends who make it their job to keep me smiling, reminding me constantly how loved I am!