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Ubuntu Afro Sister Circle 2024 Program 2

Creating a safe space for healing with support and love in a circle of black women.

Ubuntu Afro Sister Circle  2024 Program 2
Ubuntu Afro Sister Circle  2024 Program 2

Time & Location

21 Aug 2024, 7:00 pm AEST – 20 Nov 2024, 8:30 pm AEDT

Ubuntu Afro Sister Circle - Tuesdays Group


About the Event

Part Two: Nurturing Our Wellness and Emotional & Spiritual Growth - a 12-Week Mentoring Program for Women of African Descent

This 12-week program, designed for women of African descent who are "wellness curious" and seeking a supportive space to explore and grow, focuses on nurturing our wellness and deepening our emotional & spiritual connections. 

Building upon the previous 12-week program, this part emphasises the importance of fostering resilience and self-compassion as we journey towards our ideal selves.

The program meets online via Zoom and can accommodate ten women. 

Participants will use therapeutic concepts and tools to continue their personal development in a safe, nurturing environment.

Weeks 1-4 (21st Aug - 11th Sept): Embracing Self-Compassion

  • Review Goals for 2024 - Where are you at this point of the year
  • Understanding and cultivating self-compassion
  • Developing a positive self-image and overcoming negative self-talk
  • Building resilience through adversity

Break (Wed, 18th September)

Weeks 5-8 (25th September - 16th October): Strengthening Our Intuitive Wisdom and Self-Trust

  • Discovering and developing our intuition through mindfulness practices
  • Understanding the power of intuition in decision-making and self-trust
  • Exploring various techniques to access our inner wisdom
  • Embracing vulnerability and authenticity as pathways to personal growth and connection
  • Cultivating self-trust and confidence in our abilities

Break (Wed, 23rd Octember )

Weeks 9-12 (30th October  - 20th November): Embodying Our Empowered Selves

  • Identifying and addressing personal obstacles to empowerment
  • Strengthening our voice and communication skills
  • Celebrating our unique identities and histories
  • We are developing actionable plans for continued personal growth and community support.

Each session:

- will run for 90 minutes

- begin with a meditation/mindfulness process

- followed by a feelings check using the Emotional Vibration Scale

- Each woman is given time to share uninterrupted.

-30 minutes will be allocated for a different topic or tool each week.

The investment to participate in this group is $43.75 per week, paid quarterly or for the full 12 weeks with a discount.

The fee includes a workbook with valuable tools to manage anxiety, improve self-esteem, and create healthy relationships.

This is a group for women over 20 years old.

This is a spiritual group, and women of all faiths are welcomed as long as they respect the faith of all women present.

This group is respectful of its member's sexual preferences and gender identification.


  • 1-12 weeks

    Pay for all 12 weeks upfront and receive a discount Pay $425 instead of $525 (Saving of $100)

    +$10.63 service fee
  • 9-12 Weeks


    +$4.38 service fee



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