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Home Pin 2: Family Adventure - Pull the Pin and Save the Day

To install bigger games you need to download two files .APK and .OBB. You can easily install APK file as you do normally. Put OBB file in Android/obb/ [game package] folder.

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Get the best PS4 family games on your shelf or hard drive for your next game night or rainy day, and you'll have entertaining interactive experiences ready for players of all ages. Whether you feel like collaborating or competing, we've got the options you'll want below.

Whichever of the best PS4 family games you decide to pick up, it should be perfect for if you're stuck inside on a rainy day or all out of ideas next time you have a big group of kids and adults over at your place.

If you and your family don't know quite what you want to play, you may want to try out the multitude of games available on Dreams. Alternatively, if you are feeling particularly creative, you can use the powerful tools to make your own experiences to share, be that a full game or just some digital art or music.

Sackboy has a lot more moves and gadgets to use this time around, resulting in some deeper 3D platforming gameplay as you make your way through the levels searching for all the collectibles. The whole game works with up to 4 co-op too, and includes some unique levels you won't see in single-player, making for even more fun if you've got friends or family next to you.

It's among the best PS4 family games, but it's also available on the PS5 if you've happened to upgrade already. If that's not happened yet, then you can get both versions for free with a single purchase of the digital edition.

There's a single-player adventure mode that lets you gradually unlock characters and tracks, and an eight-player online mode, but what you'll likely be interested in for family gaming is the four-player local multiplayer, providing the chance for as many people as you have controllers to face off against each other, or to team up depending on which of the racing or arena modes you go for.

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Crash Bandicoot is a PlayStation icon you're likely to remember from your days gaming as a kid. And you can do the same for your family with the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. It gathers the three games in the series into one collection optimized for the PS4.

While it's a straightforward introduction to the world of Crash Bandicoot, do bear in mind the games can be rather challenging, So it may be good to be on hand to help a struggling child, partner or extended family member through some tricky parts; just be warned you could find them tricky yourself. But the bright, colorful and fun action, with some zany humor mixed in for good measure, should keep everyone entertained even if it's not their turn on the the controller.

Years after Journey's initial release, it's still one of the best PS4 family games. You start as a red-hooded figure dropped in the desert and embark on a journey that involves walking, soaring and sledding through diverse environments in a truly cinematic fashion. It's simple to play but will keep the attention of both children and adults as it draws you in and makes you fall in love with beautiful visuals, a stunning soundtrack and a silent protagonist who can make you surprisingly emotional.

Your family will love LittleBigPlanet 3 for its cute characters and seemingly endless opportunities to create. The majority of the game is solving puzzles in a '2.5D' world, but once you're done with the included campaign (narrated by Stephen Fry no less), you can also create your own levels, characters, objects and more. You can also test them out, and share them with other players while trying out an inconceivable number of user-generated levels.

The game expands on previous titles by adding new characters other than the series mascot Sackboy who offer new abilities like flight, changing size and wall jumps. Furthermore, if you played the first two LittleBigPlanet games, you can use its downloadable content packs with this game, meaning this member of the best PS4 family games list will never let you run out of novel content to play.

Even if your family won't help you out in the kitchen, they'll love the crazy cooking game of Overcooked. This is a party game that lets up to four players try to cook a meal (and wash up as well) in various kitchens around the world. A team effort can create a meal fit for a king, but you could also end up burning all your ingredients before you get a chance to get started.

Whether or not you have a kid, you will have most likely heard of this game: it's become a juggernaut of entertainment in just a few short years, and is a deserved member of the best PS4 family games list. It offers the creativity of Lego with enough varied gameplay systems that any player can find something they enjoy doing and work at it for hundreds of hours.

While the Ratchet and Clank movie was pretty bad, its movie tie-in, a remake of the original 2001 PS2 title, is among the best PS4 family games. The characters, be they good or bad, are charming and funny and it doesn't hurt that they and the environments look great too.

Rocket League is downright addictive, and it will bring out the competitive side of your family. The popular multiplayer game combines cars with soccer on a giant pitch, using turbo boosts and fancy steering to guide the ball into your opponent's goal. If that doesn't sound exciting enough, then the game offers a huge number of 'mutators' that will change parts of the game in different ways, like changing the physics to turn this soccer-like game into one more like ice hockey or basketball.

One of your first considerations when making a buying decision is if you're specifically looking for multiplayer or single-player games. The majority of games as a whole only let one person have control at any one time, even if they can play online with others. If you want everyone in the family to play at once, you need to look for games with local multiplayer or local co-op and have a matching number of controllers to use.

A final word of warning if you're interested in investing in one of the titles that offer in-game purchases. With these games, you can all too easily fork out a lot of extra money, as they heavily encourage you to buy more content to keep the experience fresh. Don't worry about being forced to bankrupt yourself, as you will be able to play fine with just the vanilla content and the stuff you unlock, but set spending limits for yourself and your family members so you don't get carried away accidentally.

Nowadays you can play most of these all time old graphic adventure games on modern systems, thanks to the help of ScummVM and GOG. You can buy most of the below adventure games directly on, to be played instantly on your modern system.

We cannot talk classic adventure games without mentioning Big Boxes, the thrill and excitement of holding a Big Box PC game that features amazing art at the front and holds a manual and game disks is one that is still appreciated to this day. Many modern releases of Adventure Games have a Big Box being offered, either through a Kickstarter pledge or through platforms like Limited Run Games. If you however want to acquire the old game boxes, it's easiest to acquire them through eBay.

Coming virtually out of nowhere from the aptly named (at the time) Unknown Identity, The Black Mirror became a cult hit when it arrived in 2003. With its grisly subject matter and relentlessly dark atmosphere, the game oozed tension and delivered plenty of perverse thrills, including your own death in disgusting fashion over and over again. It also ended with one of the most shocking finales of all time, which seemed to bring full closure to the saga of the Gordon family curse, though its surprise popularity ensured a pair of sequels would come nearly a decade later. Both are probably better, more polished games than the original, but for laying the bloody groundwork in such compelling fashion, the first will always be the most memorable.

Twenty years after a large and ominous meteor crash landed on the family lawn of the Edison family, the mansion is now home to bizarre and murderous experiments. Dave Miller suspects that his cheerleader girlfriend has been kidnapped by Dr. Fred and sets out with two of his chosen friends to find her. After picking two friends to accompany Dave (from six choices), you can switch between your three playable characters at any time in order to use each person's skills to solve puzzles in a number of different ways. Some are more mechanically inclined, while others are strong, more artistic, and so on. The simple premise never involves any more than getting into the house, finding Sandy, and trying to thwart the plans of the evil scientist and his equally deranged family. As one of the earliest LucasArts adventures, Maniac Mansion includes some deaths and dead ends, but its open-ended gameplay and quirky, B-grade horror film parody humour ensure it retains much of its original entertainment value today, quite apart from its significant historical contributions to the genre.

The action is set in an exquisitely detailed, multi-dimensional world enlivened by outstanding animation, a nostalgia-inducing background score, and exemplary voice acting. The diverse, memorable supporting cast holds its own against the charismatic leads and adds considerable emotional depth to the story. Its deceptively sophisticated script is at once straightforward and wickedly clever: dialogues are crisp and witty, exposition is kept to an essential minimum, and no time is ever wasted in getting to the point. Though the unlikely swashbucklers have a grand, all-encompassing mission, the game focuses on tracing their tiny, wobbly steps as they visit places they've never heard of and collaborate with people they don't like, eventually discovering strengths of character they never imagined they had. In doing so, The Book of Unwritten Tales reveals a great heart of its own, which will most likely melt that of any adventure gamer who plays it.


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