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Franck Muller launches Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft limited edition watch

Franck Muller is pleased to announce that it possesses joined hands with the accomplished Dutch artist Loes Lorrie Delft to create a Vanguard Coloring Dreams Loes Van Delft limited edition watch which goes beyond tradition. This is a exclusive timepiece whose distinctive layout reflects the eccentric substantive Franck Muller and Loes Van Delft.

The dial on the Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft limited model watch has been specially made and decorated with the artist’s signature and Franck Muller’s iconic Color Dreams volumes. Franck Muller and Loes Van Delft transformed typically the dial into a canvas involving pure imagination and located the artist’s beloved persona Pjipje at the center, rendering it an integral part of the brand’s entire world.

The actual search for perfect watchmaking engineering and the transfer of art onto the dial is amongst the key challenges. In addition , often the careful selection of 26 designs was artistically challenging, which often Franck Muller and Loes Van Delft masterfully overrode.

The particular Vanguard Color Dreams Loes Van Delft watch is fixed to 50 pieces as well as uses the iconic 43mm Vanguard titanium case treated with african american PVD to embody the actual of contemporary art. This see is equipped with an automatic movement which has a 42-hour power reserve, which is guaranteed to delight and fascinate each wearer.

To identify craftsmanship and creativity, beyond the watch, each collector are receiving a 90cm x 90cm art print signed by Loes Van Delft, ensuring an actual connection between collector and also artist. Each signed artwork is numbered corresponding on the watch, further enhancing the actual exclusivity and creating a unparalleled sense of balance between the two worlds.

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