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Additionally, Synced blocks can be placed inside database templates and template blocks. Their behavior here can vary depending on whether or not the the template block/database template is the original location of the Synced block. See the section on Synced Blocks in Template below for more detail.

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However, you might also want those instructions and checklists to live inside of project templates, or even inside of tasks. By putting that information inside a Synced block, it can live in both places at once.

When you place a Synced block inside a template block or a database template, its behavior will depend on whether the template block/database template contains the original synced block.

If it does, then copies of the tempalte block/database template will contain a brand new original synced block. It will contain the content of the synced block inside the template, but will not be connected to it.

However, if you simply copy and sync a Synced block that lives elsewhere into a template block/database template, copies of that template will get synced blocks that are still connected to the original.

The permissions you have set on the page that contains the original Synced block will determine which users can see/edit the content, even when the Synced block is embedded elsewhere in your workspace. 041b061a72


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