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Gost 10060 2017 HOT!

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gost 10060 2017


Tens of thousands of women worldwide have taken legal action against Johnson & Johnson after suffering serious complications following a vaginal mesh implant procedure.[167] In Australia, more than 700 women began a class action against the company in the Federal Court of Australia in 2017, telling the court they "suffered irreparable, debilitating pain after the devices began to erode into surrounding tissue and organs, causing infections and complications". The class action alleged that Johnson & Johnson, which "aggressively marketed" the implants "failed to properly warn patients and surgeons of the risk, or test the devices adequately".[168] Emails between executives show the company was aware of the risks in 2005 but still went ahead and made the product available.[169] In November 2019 the Federal Court of Australia found Johnson & Johnson negligent.[170] The judgment was appealed, with the appeals court upholding all findings of Justice Anna Katzman.[171] Ethicon then sought a High Court decision but this was not permitted by the High Court of Australia. Subsequently (September 2022) a $AU 300, 000, 000 compensation agreement was reached between Shine Lawyers and J&J but this agreement remains subject to approval by the Federal Court of Australia.[170] 041b061a72


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