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SAP GUI 740 for Windows 10 686: A Complete Guide to Download, Install, and Update

Sdsdgods Patent License Agreement Document How to correct No SAP Gateway server detected error or SAP Gateway service not found error in MAC OS X? Let me tell you something for free. If you have any problem with loading or installing SAP, there are many solutions of no help at all in the Google search. Although your problem could be solved. There is a quick and practical solution. Ill show you step by step. Problems with port number What your port number is? When you install the SAP on your machine, Open the sapgui-saef/sapgui_svr_saef.conf and you will see the port number of your SAP. But it turns out that there are some SAP Gateway servers, use TCP/443 as the port number to establish the link with SAP gateway. For example, Linux server is using port number 443, Windows NT is using TCP/443. And if you have used windows as the operating system, you will see two SAP Gateway servers in the Apache http server when the two ports are opened, one is 445 and the other is 8443. When you install on a 32-bit Mac, its just standard http server port 80. Thats the problem. Thats why it can not connect to SAP Gateway. If you are running a Linux that is supporting an http server and the port number is 443, then you can connect. We need to change the port number on your machine. 1) Open the sapgui-saef/sapgui_svr_saef.conf file on your machine, type the following two lines to insert the port number with the value of TCP/443 #port= #port=443 If the Linux is not running an http server, you can stop the http server and follow step 2. If the Linux is running on http server, you can just comment the port= lines. 2) Make sure that the HTTP server is stopped. There are two ports in Apache http server, the port number is 80, and another number, thats the port number of HTTP server. If you have not changed the port number in SAP GUI and using http server, thats the problem. If you have changed the port number in SAP GUI and using http server, then you need to type the following cmd to uninstall the http server and restart it and change the port number. If you are using Windows NT, you can type net stop httpd. If you are using Linux, you can type /etc/init.d/httpd stop. 3) Restart the http server and the SAP GUI. If you are using Windows NT, then type net start httpd, if you are using Linux, type /etc/init.d/httpd start.

Sap Gui 740 Download For Windows 10 686

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