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1 : Hitagi Crab, Part 1 ((FREE))

After listening to Hitagi's story, Meme realizes that she might have encountered a heavy crab, an entity known in folklore in the mountains of Kyushu. Meme explains that depending on the location, the entity's name might change from "weighty crab" to "heavy stone crab" to "heavy stone god", and thus, crabs and gods are connected. Meme also says that entities similar to the heavy stone crab might not be in the form of a crab at all, but it does not matter, since Senjougahara claims that a crab is the culprit.

1 : Hitagi Crab, Part 1

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The series is split into several arcs as Koyomi meets various girls who are possessed by troublesome spirits, usually because they have issues themselves in some way or another. The typical harem elements are obviously here, albeit stylised upon with an art direction characteristic of SHAFT. You could almost call this a harem for classy folk. Ancient Japanese lore and superstition is heavily borrowed from, with paranormal ailments caused by crab, snail and snake spirits.

Josh Dunham was kind enough to allow me to be a guest on episode thirteen of his Senpai Coast to Coast podcast. We talked at great length (4+ hours to be precise) about Bakemonogatari. There are spoilers. Our dive was so deep that the final edit of the show is split into several parts, so look for those in the coming days/weeks. For now, enjoy this hour of discussion about the first two arcs of the show and maybe read my show notes below.

This first of three parts introduces Senjogahara and Hachikuji, and fans of the blockbuster prequel KIZUMONOGATARI will be delighted to meet their favorite crazies again: the weirdly reliable narrator Araragi, class president among class presidents Hanekawa, shady problem-solver Oshino, and a certain pale, blonde former vampire. 041b061a72


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