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Moving from ‘I’ to ‘We’

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

"The foundation of individualism lies in a person’s moral right to pursue his or her own happiness. This requires a large amount of independence, initiative, and self-responsibility." Shawn E Klein

I believe that we each come to this physical life experience with a blueprint – our destiny or fate, if you like. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every stage of our lives is set out or pre- ordained – but I do believe our soul has a plan of what it is on Earth to learn, and a set of gifts it must contribute to the whole.

The Cambridge dictionary describes destiny as the events that will necessarily happen to a person or thing in the future, or the hidden power believed to control future events. This does not have to be something grand. Not everyone can become famous or save the world. However, we all have something to contribute to our community in some way. Finding what that is, I believe, is a key part of living soulfully and with purpose.

Do I believe that I am living my destiny? Well yes. I was living my destiny in my 27 years as a business owner in the fashion industry, as I am now living my destiny as a teacher, healer, therapist and advocate for women as they age. I also believe part of my destiny is to contribute in the areas of race relations and championing all marginalised groups. In the case of Australia, this means supporting the Aboriginal community as they move towards greater equality.

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