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Welcome to The Healing Process Resource Page. Here you will find some simple mindfulness exercises as well as some of my favourite things. Also stay tuned for recordings of workshops and group events.


The Healing Process: Relationship Workshop

Relationship Healing Meditation - Faith Agugu
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The Healing Process: The mother & daughter healing meditation

Mother & Daughter Healing Meditation - Faith Agugu
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This meditation was recorded live at the mother & daughter workshop, May 2018. 

The Healing Process: The inner child healing meditation

The inner child healing meditation - Faith Agugu
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This meditation was recorded live at the self-esteem workshop, March 2018. 

The Healing Process: Releasing 2017 chakra cleansing meditation

Releasing 2017 Chakra Cleansing Meditation - Faith Agugu
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You can use this healing meditation process to assess the challenges and gifts presented in 2017, and clear the way to create a more intentional year ahead.

The Healing Process: Simple five-minute healing process meditation

A simple 5 minutes mindfullness practise - Faith Agugu
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This is a simple process that you can do anywhere and at any time through the day. Just take 5 minutes first thing in the morning, on public transport, on your lunch break or just before going to bed. You will feel relaxed and centred immediately.

The Healing Process: Body scan

Body Scan - Faith Agugu
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A body scan is a simple exercise to bring you back into your body. This practice allows you to connect with your physical body and bring you back into the present moment. You can do this meditation at any time during the day or in bed just before sleep.

The Healing Process: Mindful breathing

Mindful Breathing - Faith Agugu
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Mindful breathing is a gentle exercise to connect you with the breath and bring you into the present moment. The first breath signals the beginning of life, while the final breath completes the cycle of life. Yet most of us are unconscious of the breaths we take in a lifetime.

The Healing Process: Metta - loving kindness

Metta - Loving Kindness - Faith Agugu
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This practice focuses on cultivating the heart. The heart represents compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love. Use this practice after a mindfulness exercise to bring alignment between the mind and the heart.

Workshop workbook

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My favourite things

My favourite things are a selection of items that have brought me joy over the years. Watch this space for more items.


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It’s a diary, a daily planner, a trustworthy companion, a confidante and a tool for transformation and growth.

Global Scholarship Program

At The Healing Process, I strongly believe that everyone has the right to healing despite their economic situation or location.

That is why I've set up a GLOBAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.

This  program is available to women from any part of the globe in need of counselling, energy healing or mindfulness coaching session who do not have the financial means to access these services. 

The Healing Process offers 4 scholarships per year.



  • Apply for a scholarship by completing an application form below, including why you believe you need my scholarship program.

  • 2 women will be selected every six months. Women living in Sydney can attend face to face sessions. Those outside Sydney can access services via Skype or Facetime.

  • Next scholarship offer begins March 2019. ​