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Many of my clients decide to start working with me because they're experiencing what is commonly known as a midlife crisis. Erickson, the foremost developmental theorist, states that midlife crises occur when we ignore the natural developmental process that begins in our early forties. This stage is a time of re-evaluation that leads to questioning long-held beliefs and values. The midlife crisis may result in a woman making major changes in her relationships such as divorce, choosing to leave a career or start a new one,  or making changes in all areas of her life.


The healing process requires work on your part. Some people come to me seeking help for symptom reduction. They want to be happy or they want the pain to stop.  Bur remember, if you're not prepared to do the work, the truth is you’re just not ready yet. It’s important to be gentle with yourself, but honest. Yes -- the process will involve hurt and possibly life will get messy at first. But if you commit to the healing process, you will meet yourself once again -- whole, complete and at peace!

I invite you to take part in The Healing Process to explore your potential and the possibility of creating the life you want.


One-on-one sessions



The Healing Process: counselling


The person-centred approach is at the core of my practice and informs the collaborative relationship I have with my clients. I also incorporate a practice called narrative therapy as I strongly believe that my clients are not the problem. The problem is the problem -- and together, my clients and I can work towards adjusting the impact that the problem has on their life.


The Healing Process: energy healing

Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapy is energetic healing and spiritual counselling combined in a highly effective methodology that supports and promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It strengthens the robustness of the body’s own healing power by releasing stale, old energy and welcoming in  fresh, vital energy.  


The Healing Process: mindfulness coaching

Most people with a history of trauma have survived by medicating through addiction or dissociating from the body. Because their body was the point of initial or ongoing abuse, neglect or deprivation, it isn't a safe place. This one-on-one session allows clients to connect with their breath and body by combining talk therapy and body awareness.

"Faith is one of those people who put you instantly at ease.  She is incredibly intuitive and helps you move through issues thoroughly without wasting time.  Every session with Faith is a valuable one."

Tracey, Business Owner

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Ready to work with me?

I offer one-on-one sessions or Healing Process group events.


My one-on-one sessions are for women experiencing issues with anxiety, self-esteem, relationships and addiction. Each session runs for 50 minutes and take place on Skype or FaceTime, or face-to-face at my Sydney-based practice.

The Healing Process group events

Group healing meditations


For many of us, our healing process is done one on one or in solitary private spaces. Working within a group context will accelerate your process as the energy from the group will deepen your process, provide you with support and grow your inspiration. The interconnectedness of the group may bring up new triggers as well as greater awareness.


I hold group healing mediations, which are a chakra cleansing process that last for one to two hours. They are held in Sydney and London throughout the year.

” I have found that Faiths meditation classes have been rewarding. The main purpose is to open yourself up to self-acceptance and self-love. What I learnt is that you can’t be kind and embrace love as a principle unless you love and are kind to yourself first. This involves accepting parts of yourself you might be trying to suppress. Faiths philosophy is that you can’t be living a happy and accomplished life when you’re hard on yourself. If you want to make changes first you have to accept and love yourself. All this I have learnt as well as the practicalities of how to self-love through attending Faith’s meditation classes.”

MF-Spiritual Aspirant, Sydney Australia

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Ceremony and ritual facilitation


Ritual and ceremony are powerful bonding tools that enrich our lives. They are potent markers that signal the importance of a milestone or the coming of age.


I will work with you to create a spiritual event for birthdays or other occasions (except weddings or funerals).


"For my 50th birthday, I wanted to create a ritual that would honour the people in my life and the deep gratitude I felt to have reached this milestone. As someone who designs and enacts rituals for others myself, I could not ask just anyone to hold the space but I knew Faith was the right person. Faith not only prepared rigorously and carefully, but she sat with me beforehand and readied me for the ritual. She presided over the ceremony with wisdom and grace, bringing her own soulful touch to the occasion. With her guidance, intuition and presence, she elevated the energy and held the space, helping create a powerful auric field suffused with love and honesty. I feel blessed to have had her facilitate my ‘turning.’

Joanne Fedler, internationally best-selling author, speaker and writing mentor, Sydney, Australia


Mindful Ending - Reflexion on 2018 Workshop

We start each year with such strong intentions and so many big dreams and hopes for the coming year. Before we know it, life has taken over and our dreams and goals are pushed aside or superseded by “more important things”. In a blink of an eye, the year comes to an end and we find ourselves once again setting more goals for the coming year.


How often do we take the time before one year closes for reflection?

Instead of jumping into 2019, what if you could gift yourself a few hours, a moment even to look back and process the challenges and opportunities of 2018 before jumping forward into 2019.


“Empty your cup so that it may be filled”


Zen Master Ryutan


Using a combination of mindfulness, visualisation, energy healing and journaling, this 2-hour workshop will uncover major themes and dynamics of 2018, emptying the cup to be filled by new ideas and hopes for 2019.

Living Mindfully Series 

This workshop is for anyone who wants to set clear intentions for the new year.

Setting intentions at the cusp of a new year is a natural impulse for most people and even if we do not do so formally, most of us still hope that things will be better in the coming year. Why not learn simple techniques to really focus your mind in areas that will grow and enrich your life?
In this 2 hour workshop, we will review 2018 and evaluate aspects of the year that served us and kept us in alignment and those areas that diminished us in anyway.
Set clear intentions and aspirations for 2019 and learn simple mindfullness tips to keep you on track for the coming year. You will also be invited to join my closed Facebook group to get support from others on the same journey and encouragement to stay on track! The session will close with a 20 minute guided healing process to integrate our learning and clear the way for a brighter, more focused 2018!



12 Week Transformational Deep Dive 

This weekly program is offered face to face at Coogee Croquet Club every Wednesday evenings from 7-8.30PM. It is a closed group that will be limited to 12 women who are ready for a deep dive into transforming a particular part of their lives. 

We will be working on setting up daily meditation/mindfulness and gratitude practices, as well as using vision boards to stay focused and on track. You can choose to work on a health or financial goal, renovate a relationship, clear blocks to getting into relationship or eliminate self doubt and build self confidence in your life. 


Self Esteem Workshop


Self-esteem has little to do with our actual worth or ability but everything to do with our internal believes or programs. Because of this we alone have the ability to change it. In this 2 hour workshop you will uncover self-limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in a particular area of your life.

Faith will assist you to connect or reawaken your inner child. She will gently guide you to uncover your inner critic and recognise the internal dialogue that has kept you stuck in negative self belief and low self esteem.

Mothers and daughters: The wounds that bind us

Our relationships with our mothers can influence our self-esteem and how we see ourselves as women in the world. This workshop coincides with Mother’s Day to help heal the relationship between mothers and daughters. This workshop is suitable for mothers and daughters to come together or alone. Each will focus on healing the relationship with their mother.

Relationship Workshop

Do you find yourself dating or marrying the same kind of person despite promising yourself you wont go back there again? Does the same issues show up in every relationship you’ve ever had? Did you vow to not repeat the mistakes you saw your parents make in their marriage, yet you find yourself living out the same dynamic? Or have you consciously or unconsciously avoid friendships or intimate relations to avoid any of the above?


If you struggle with relationships and find them a mystery to debunk, you’re not alone. Join Faith for this 2 hour workshop to uncover some of the mysteries of relationship. You will learn that the part that your family dynamic plays in your other relations and tools to make different choices in the future.

"I have been in in some disastrous relationships and formed bad habits especially when choosing partners. After the break up of my marriage I realised something had to change.  Faith’s workshop has allowed me to look at my behavior and how detrimental it is to me. It has put me on the path to healing. It’s a gentle, nurturing process with a group of likeminded women who offer support and strength. We share, learn, laugh and cry together. It’s an amazing experience. Most importantly though it has allowed me to forgive myself and let go of the past so I can move on and form healthier relationships in the future."

Anon, Sydney

Father & Daughter Workshop

Our relationship with our fathers often reflects the one we have with our partners or how we relate to the opposite sex. Our fathers are meant to protect us, but what if they were absent, distant or the source of abuse and neglect? How do we reconcile the void created by the emotional or physical absence?

In this 2 hour workshop, we will explore the dynamics of a father daughter relationship and how to recreate a loving relationship with our fathers and the men in our lives.


Silver Sirens 2019

ABOUT RE-DEFINING AGEING (Last Silver Sirens event)



For the first time in history, western women over 45 have the power and potential to create the kind of world they want for themselves—and for women to come. There is an increasing number of women involved in public decision-making, advancing women’s economic wellbeing, stopping gender-based violence and generally changing attitudes towards women at every stage of their lives.


Each of the Re-defining Ageing presenters will re-inspire, re-empower and re-define what it means to be a woman—particularly a woman over forty-five—and how we can draw on our personal strength to effect change within our homes, communities and culture.

Emotional wellbeing

Most of us are unaware of the role emotions play on health and mental well-being. We've become so skilled at ignoring, avoiding or denying our emotions that we only connect with them in quiet stillness -- which  is why many people struggle with meditation,  creating distractions to avoid staying with uncomfortable feelings.

Faith created such a beautiful space for the group participants that I felt comfortable to share, it wasn't forced. We experienced an amazing guided meditation and got the opportunity to benefit from Faith's wealth of understanding i of spirituality and personal development.

Destiny, freelance writer, London

Maintaining self-love and purpose in a child-free life!

Many women take it for granted that they will one day be mothers. When we reach a certain age and realise that motherhood is no longer an option, some women experience a deep grief and a sense of emptiness. Other women never planned to have children and find themselves wondering how to direct their creativity to continue to live a rich and fulfilling life. If this sounds like you, join me for this 2 hour workshop where we will explore how many women have successfully redirected their  natural desire to nurture and create to establish a life full of purpose.  



Indigenous women's healing: "This is not my shame”

Shame is a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by thinking your behaviour is wrong or foolish. It's a sense of feeling humiliated or disgraced. Many of my indigenous clients come to see me because of an overwhelming feeling of shame, which leads them to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol and act out in rage, depression and anxiety.


I believe these women unconsciously carry the shame projected onto them by society. In this four-hour workshop, I give my clients permission to break the cycle and let go of the shame, and then carry this empowerment to others in their community.  

Healing between indigenous and non-indigenous communities


Many years ago, an Australian man booked a session with me to share his regret about the treatment of indigenous people in Australia. I admired his honesty and openness as he shared with me incidents he had witnessed and participated in, as well as injustices that he had turned a blind eye to.


This full-day workshop offers a safe place for indigenous and non-indigenous people to come together in the spirit of sharing, understanding of differences and commonalities and ultimately, healing. 

"Faith creates a safe and inclusive space, which allows me to really let go and travel inwards... nourishment for my soul."

Janis, independent representative at Miessence, Sydney, Australia