My name is Faith Agugu. I'm a Sydney based person-centred counsellor and energy healer who works with individuals and groups to facilitate their healing processes. I work intuitively, drawing on an eclectic range of healing modalities, academic training and my own experience to create a personalised healing process that best suits each client's needs.


My clients are women who have reached a crossroads in their lives and want to address issues of depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol misuse, and relationship issues as the result of adverse childhood experiences (ACE).

I believe that the healing process is holistic and multidimensional in nature. In the initial stage our subconscious signals to us that we are out of balance. Perhaps we realise that we are in the wrong marriage,  or that the career we are pursuing is taking us on the wrong path. Or maybe our tiny inner voice whispers that we have unfinished business to attend to. But because most of us are unaccustomed to hearing the intuitive voice, we ignore it.

The dis-ease moves from spiritual to mental, manifesting in anxiety, depression and many other mental health dysfunctions, which could be signs of underlying trauma brought about by ACE. The dis-ease eventually shows up in the form physical symptoms. At this stage, we can no longer ignore it. That's when the healing process can truly begin.

Welcome to The Healing Process

Can you relate ?

  1. Do you feel that your life is in a rut -- but you feel powerless to change things?

  2. Are you anxious all the time but are unable to articulate what’s at the core of the anxiety?

  3. Do you find yourself avoiding situations and people that trigger your anxiety and confusion?

  4. Do you use alcohol or drugs to get through the day, week or month?

  5. Are other addictions like food, sex, romance, gambling or technology an issue for you?

  6. When asked how you are doing, do you minimise the situation for fear of letting others know how bad things are?

  7. Do you spend more and more time at work or doing activities that will keep you out of the house?

  8. Are you angry and frustrated at everyone and everything but don’t quite know why?

  9. Do you feel stuck and unable to make decisions that would change your current situation?

  10. Do you feel a deep sadness and are you unmotivated to do the things you once loved?

  11. Have you spent your life putting others first and now find yourself frustrated and depressed?

  12. Do you wonder how you got to this point, and fear that you don't have the resources to change things?

  13. Although you are a high achiever, do you suffer from impostor syndrome and fear it’s only a matter of time before you’re found out?

  14. Do you wake up in the middle of the night afraid that you have wasted your life?

  15. Do you feel that something is missing?

If you have answered 'yes' to three or more of these questions, you may be ready to begin your healing process.

I can help you


I can help you with your healing process through one-on-one sessions or through my group events.


My one-on-one sessions are for women and men experiencing issues with anxiety, self-esteem, relationships and addiction. Each session runs for 50 minutes and takes place via Skype or FaceTime, or face-to-face at my Sydney-based practice.


In addition, I run regular group events for people addressing mental health, relationships and issues of race and identity for indigenous and non-indigenous communities. My group events run from one hour to full day sessions, and can be tailored to meet the needs of each group or organisation.

I can also design specific workshop packages for corporate groups on dealing with work-related stress, goal-setting and cross-cultural awareness issues.

One on one

Group events

"Thank you Faith for helping me to identify and heal from abuse and unhelpful behaviours. You have helped me to regain and develop peace, personal power, and resilience. Thank you for always listening so deeply, for being non-judgmental and for creating such safety and trust. Most importantly you have made me realise that healing is possible. Your help is deeply appreciated."  

Penny, IT industry


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The Healing Process blog

November 19, 2017

People who know me  will attest that I am anal about self care. I am a big believer in looking after myself and listening to the little voice within. To this end, my intention was to finish this blog yesterday but I had spent the last 2 weeks holed up in my apartment finishing assignments. 


November 19, 2017

Why does it feel that our thoughts have a mind of their own, invading our minds with little or no resistance? It feels like a free flow of words, feelings and emotions that we have little or no control over. 

November 19, 2017

Dr Harry Tiebout wrote extensively about the therapeutic effects of surrender-in particular while working with clients with addiction, he emphasized the role of surrender to bring about change. 

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"Over the past year I have had many challenges in my life, Faith was instrumental in my moving forward through difficult times., for which I am truly grateful.  Faith is unique in her ability to “know what is needed”. Often, I was arriving stressed, confused and stretched through stresses of corporate work life. Faith offered a weekly haven where we could get in touch with deeper issues and facilitate the change needed and holding the space with an unconditional acceptance. Her intuitive ability astounds, she is connected to a higher source, often knowing what is needed when I did not. I always left her sessions feeling lighter, clearer and much more resourceful. She brings to the session deep compassion, profound insight and wisdom that goes beyond her years, and a clarity that delivers. I am confident in recommending her knowing first hand, that you will be in the “right” place for transformation and healing to take place."

Jann, event manager and business owner

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