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Let's Change Your Life

"Faith is unique in her ability to “know what is needed”. Faith offered a weekly haven where we could get in touch with deeper issues and facilitate the change needed and holding the space with an unconditional acceptance. I always left her sessions feeling lighter, clearer and much more resourceful."

Jann Hing

 Event Manager & Business Owner

I believe that the healing process is holistic and multidimensional in nature. In the initial stage our subconscious signals to us that we are out of balance. Perhaps we realise that we are in the wrong marriage, or that the career we are pursuing is taking us on the wrong path. Or maybe our tiny inner voice whispers that we have unfinished business to attend to. But because most of us are unaccustomed to hearing the intuitive voice, we ignore it.

The disease moves from spiritual to mental, manifesting in anxiety, depression and many other mental health dysfunctions, which could be signs of underlying trauma brought about by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). The disease eventually shows up in the form physical symptoms. At this stage, we can no longer ignore it. That's when the healing process can truly begin.


Who I Work With

Most of my clients are successful, talented, intelligent women who have spent the last decade or two building a life, creating businesses or careers, and/or raising children. It’s as if one day they looked up and wondered how the hell they got here. They looked over at their partner and wondered what they were thinking when they chose them. Or they never married and are now wondering how they are going to find meaning in their remaining years.


What will be their legacy? These women are usually mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. They have been so busy running everyone else’s lives it’s like suddenly they’ve woken up and thought why? ​



How You Can Work With Me


I offer one-on-one 50 minute counselling, energy healing or mindfulness coaching sessions face to face in my Sydney-based practice, or via Zoom or Facetime.

You can also join one of my group events, which include healing meditations and workshops.

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