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Freedom Fire Podcast: Episode #60 - The Healing Process with Faith Agugu

Our experiences at every stage of the journey called life makes us who we are.


In this episode, Faith Agugu founder of The Healing Process, joins me as we unpack her journey as model, fashionista, coach and therapist.


We also dive into her anti racism work, how to show up authentically, finding an identity, understanding adaptive self, how we can support each other and much more.

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Empowered Beauties With Brains

Meet our featured beauty with brains Faith Agugu, a counsellor and healer based in Sydney, Australia. Here is her story.

“I always had an instinct that I would get better with age. At 20, I was looking forward to turning 30. On my 30th birthday I was eagerly looking forward to being 40. Throughout this period of my life, I dreamt about life in my 50’s.


Now at 53, I look forward with excitement at turning 60.


Women & Aging Picture Essay

As I’ve gotten older, my sense of self has improved. When I was 30, I wanted to be 40. When I was 50 I wanted to be 60. I was always that person who knew intuitively that I wanted to be older.


Women & Aging Picture Essay

"...many women would agree that there’s long been a stigma attached to getting older – a notion that you’re past your prime, even invisible, once you reach a certain age.


But things are beginning to change, and now it’s 50’s time to shine. Rather than seeing it as something to deny and turn away from, more and more women are embracing this midlife milestone – and all that comes along with it."



BPW Australia News

Interview with a Warrior and Entrepreneur - Faith Agugu

In our interview, Faith shared with us insights into who she is as an entrepreneur, leader and activist. She considers herself a global citizen, born in Nigeria, growing up in the UK, then “finding” herself in Australia. Faith’s passion has always been ‘service’, whilst her career has taken her from a catwalk model, owner of a fashion business and teacher/mentor. (Page 11)


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