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A Note From Faith

I always had an instinct that I would get better with age...

Throughout this period of my life, I dreamt about life in my 50s. Now at 55, I look forward with excitement to turning 60.

Faith Agugu, Silver Sirens Founder


Earlier this year I asked our Facebook group this question - As elders, what more can we do? This question was posed in light of the growing climate crisis that was brought home to those of us living in Australia.

I was in the UK visiting family for the Christmas holiday when I was bombarded by images of burning bushlands across the country. The issue was made more real because my partner, who was travelling with me has a home in the Blue Mountains. The fires came frighteningly close to his home and missed by a few streets.


I have to admit that when I've witnessed a crisis like this in the past, I've never taken direct action more than sharing my concerns on social media. I realised though, that I want to use Silver Sirens as a platform to foster change.

In line with this year's theme of Brave and Bold, I want to be the change that I want to see in this world, so I decided to take action.


I began with divorcing my bank. The big four banks spend billions of dollars investing in the fossil fuel industry. I selected Bank Australia because it has never loaned to or invested in industries such as the coal, nuclear weapons, gambling or tobacco industries. Instead, Bank Australia focuses on investments that benefit people and the planet. For example, they lend to community housing providers to help build affordable and social housing for people who need it. I believe this value to be in line with Silver Sirens intention to bring awareness to the increased trend of homelessness that plagues women over 50.

So I invite you to co-create a brave and bold new world with me. I ask you the same question I posed to the group, what will you do to make a difference in your community and for our beautiful planet?


  • Women are relevant and set to become even more so. 

  • The demographic you may have ignored is the one you now need to befriend. 

  • Learn to listen to women, especially the wisdom keepers, the older women.

  • We are the custodians of this earth and will no longer ignore her cries.

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