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About Daughters of the Soil

"...The retreat set the foundation for healthy long term relationships, understanding my boundaries and self-worth"

2019 Retreat Attendee

2019 Year of Return - Ghana

Daughters of the Soil were thrilled to host our first luxury racial wellness retreat in Ghana in 2019.


This vision was aligned with the Ghanaian government's global 'Year of Return' campaign which marks the 400 year anniversary since our ancestors were stolen from the shores of Africa.


The team had been talking about this vision since 2017 and its auspicious that this came together in alignment with the global movement of our people returning home to the motherland.


The experience delivered a mix of compassionate workshops and adventures to help you reclaim mind, body and soul, with an attitude of prosperity and abundance in the way we care for ourselves.


Through group work, mindfulness and cultural nourishment, the sistas returned home with a deeper love for self and a renewed passion to step into the fullness of their purpose on this earth and in this lifetime!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create safe spaces for black women around the globe to heal from the impact of racism, intergenerational trauma and the legacy of slavery and colonisation. To this end, we aim to curate wellness retreats in various luxury locations in Africa, returning to the birth place of our foremothers to reclaim and return home to ourselves.

Our Vision

We aim to make racial wellness, mental health and personal empowerment available to all black women. In addition to creating luxury wellness retreats, we will also create workshops in the UK, Australia and USA, as well as online.

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