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[S5E6] Ben's Parents

When Leslie and Ben host an engagement party, Leslie tries to make peace between Ben's divorced parents. Meanwhile, Chris is still feeling down after starting therapy, and Tom prepares to present an investment proposal to Ron.

[S5E6] Ben's Parents

Leslie Knope: Okay, we are off to a rocky start, but we are gonna fix this.Ben: Yes, we will. I called a cab. It's outside. I gave the driver 100 bucks to sit and wait, so whenever we're ready to go - like, maybe right now - all we have to do is walk outside.Leslie Knope: No, I want to be here now, with you and your parents. Help me make this work.Ben: Okay, fine. Best thing to do is distract them with innocuous talk about the stuff they care about.Leslie Knope: Great, like what?Ben: Well, they're white people from Minnesota, so hockey, fishing, skiing, sailing, and after a few drinks, put on a Prince album. Don't mention the Green Bay Packers or the state of Iowa. And also, I have enough frequent flyer miles to get us to Australia tonight.

Leslie Knope: Are you excited?Ben: Yeah, totally. I-I just have two small requests. One, put Twizzlers on the candy table, and two, cancel the party because you invited my parents, and they can't be in the same room together. Okay? Great, thank you.Leslie Knope: No to canceling the party, and no to Twizzlers. We are a Red Vines family. You're gonna have to get used to that.Leslie Knope: I know you're scared, but I love you, and this party is gonna go great.Ben: Well, if there's anyone who can bring my parents together, it's no one. No one can ever bring them together.[aside to camera:]Ben: My family situation is complicated. My parents got divorced 30 years ago and they hate each other. Okay, I guess it's not that complicated.

Leslie Knope: Hey! I'm glad you're here. Let's go over the plan.Ben: Okay, you and I go stargazing in Harvey James park, while my parents slowly strangle each other in the living room.Leslie Knope: No. Your mom arrives at 7:00. We hand her a glass of chilled white wine, and, oh, look, my mom is walking over, and they're both educators and mothers. What a fabulous coincidence. Then later, Stephen Wyatt shows up--that's your dad.Ben: Yes. He's terrifying.Leslie Knope: We make some small talk, and 30 minutes later, I show everybody the big surprise.[aside to camera:]Leslie Knope: The Knope-Wyatt unity quilt. Ben and I are weaving our lives together, so I have woven this quilt. It represents every member of our new united family. Of all my metaphorical art projects, this is by far the coziest.

"My home is mostly filled with gifts, souvenirs, and things that help me remember, including this rocking chair. It was my mom's first birthday gift from her parents. It's has been passed down for years, and we usually put it in front of the Christmas tree every year."

"The dining room also holds my most treasured possessions. Sitting on what was once our dresser, is a basket of letters. Letters from my grandparents and parent over the years. As well as the letters from Kurt that Erin used to make the quilt. The love he put into those letters is something that I will cherish forever."

The flashback opens with Nicole and her parents driving to a karate tournament which starts at 2:00 pm. Unfortunately, the road in front of them is becoming congested with traffic. Her mother is chastising her for her grades (despite the fact that they are all A's) and planning her entire life for her while her father is experiencing road rage, causing the family car to break down; left with only five minutes, Nicole has no other choice but to run to her tournament.

These words trigger a filmstrip montage of the happy memories shared by Nicole and Richard, accompanied by a piano piece. She remembers them playing in the park together the same day they met to the times of their awkward teenage years, along with her parents' disapproval of their relationship. We then see Nicole in her late teens leaving her parents' home and become estranged with them after a huge argument, and how Richard (whose mother also kicked him out of the house that same night) was there to walk with her into the journey of life. The two spend the next few years living together in a small apartment, although they make do with what they have. Nicole and Richard are then shown discovering at the doctor's that she is pregnant with Gumball and the joy and shock that came with it, especially since the two were not married yet. The memory of their wedding then returns, and although the feeling of sadness comes when her parents do not arrive, Richard is more than enough to make Nicole happy.

Some father-daughter bonding is definitely in order after the most recent episode of The Americans, because Philip finds out he's got a lot more in common with Paige than he thought. As we've seen in the previous episode, the dark side of spying is sending Philip into a tailspin again, namely in the form of his bleak childhood memories. The more visions he gets, the more he's prompted (by Elizabeth) to visit their longtime handler, Gabriel, to learn the truth about his family. (For those who need a quick cheat sheet on his Dickensian upbringing: Philip's parents died when he was six, and he was consistently bullied by other kids back in Tobolsk, Russia.)

Despite her inner turmoil, Paige still has a clear enough head to continue with the probing questions about her parents' mission, asking if the Marxist-influenced Soviet Union really is a utopia where everyone is equal. Elizabeth answers that it isn't, but "everybody is in it together," which is why, even though Paige observes that her mother hasn't "been there in a long time," this cold warrior isn't anywhere close to giving up the fight.

I don't remember who was talking about the Adam and Eve thing in last weeks forum discussion but I got to thinking about something that may fit.Is it possible that Aaron and Ji-Yeon are the Adam and Eve? Perhaps as they grew, they heard the stories of their parents, grandparents, etc. and made a trek to the island to find out more about them. Is that too far-fetched an idea?

first off, I heard that Claire was going to be guest starring for this season, but I was wondering if that flash with her in it counts as her guest starring or will it be during everybody elses time? Although I like the theory of the guitar represented charlie and sayid in handcuffs representing kate, but i don't like the idea of kate being pregnant, mainly because i think she belongs with sawyer rather then jack, but i have some other reasons too,lol.I don't think that kate willingly gave up aaron. by how upset she was it seemed as more of someone taking him. Maybe because of what jack said claire's mom got a little suspicious and did some infestigating. but i don't no just a thought.and as for ben i think that maybe he went to try to go and talk to sayid again and sayid beat the crap out of him and got in trouble while doing it,(lol) which put him in handcuffs, maybe by one of ben's men. but the thing about that is why he would have to go to guam. so i don;t really know about that oneI do think a ghost visited hurley, although it doesn't have to be charlie's ghost, it could have been eko or someone else.hahaha i am kinda rambling so i am going to end with........AMAZING EPISODE!!!...........loland good recap

Charlotte's painful memories of a horrible tragedy are triggered as Amelia continues her downward spiral. Addison takes one step closer to motherhood when she finally chooses a sperm donor. Cooper faces a difficult decision when he realizes his patient's parents have been drugging their son in an effort to control his supposed ADHD and Pete's trust issues prevent him from repairing his fragile relationship with Violet.

Sheldon is talking to Ollie, with his parents by his side. Sheldon asks about his grades. Ollie says his grades are bad. He got a B in English. Sheldon asks if a B is bad. Rosie tells Ollie to tell Sheldon how hard it is to finish his homework. Ollie says they always have to help him because it takes too long to do it on his own. Rosie says he can't sit still during reading time at school. Sheldon wants to talk to Ollie privately. The parents wonder why that's necessary as Ollie's perfectly well-adjusted, aside from being hyperactive. Sheldon says it would help to assess him, but the parents don't want to leave their son alone with him. Sheldon wants to schedule an appointment for diagnostic tests, and asks for Ollie's teacher's contact information so they can arrange to have her complete diagnostic inventories. Rosie says they didn't have to go through that when Brian was diagnosed, but Sheldon says the approach has changed in the last decade. Prescribing a drug for a kid shouldn't be taken lightly. Rosie gets up and says they'll be finding another doctor, because she thinks Sheldon's too condescending.

Cooper and Sheldon are talking about Ollie's family. Cooper was looking for a second opinion about the meds, not judgment about how the parents are raising their kids. Rosie is a tiger mom, but that's not uncommon. Sheldon doesn't think Ollie seemed unable to focus and his answers seemed coached. The whole thing was odd. Pete overhears them and says the diagnosis of ADHD is epidemic. Cooper says that doesn't mean it's not real for Ollie. Pete says that may as well be because of sugars, so they should look at diet and exercise first. Sheldon says the ADHD drugs should only be used in clear-cut cases. Pete says that if the parents are indeed coaching, it's child abuse. Addison comes in and says she needs them to help her choose a donor. 041b061a72


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