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Where To Buy Packaging Materials

If you are looking for a low price guarantee and a company with a personal touch, you came to the perfect place. Since 1999 our customer service department at 1-800-536-3668 is trained to answer your questions and help with your decision to buy the right shipping supplies. So if you're looking for cardboard boxes, packing tape, stretch wrap or any of our retail packaging items such as candy boxes or colored shredded paper, give us a try! We're confident you'll be satisfied.

where to buy packaging materials

Envelopes for letter or legal sized documents are available for Next-Day or 2-day air shipping. Tubes and different sized Express boxes are also available. If you use your own packaging and are required to include printed documents, pouches for domestic or international shipments are available for you to enclose the documents.

Use a moving kit. Moving kits include boxes, packing supplies and tape in packs that are made for different sized homes. If you need an assortment of boxes and materials, it can be a good deal to buy a kit.

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly transformed consumer behavior in several ways: sparking higher price sensitivity, accelerating online shopping across all categories, and causing shoppers to focus even more on health, wellness, and hygiene. Consumer attitudes about sustainable packaging have also changed significantly. Before the pandemic, public awareness that packaging can leak into the environment had increased a good deal. Fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) companies and retailers were making big commitments to sustainable packaging, and regulatory bodies were moving decisively on the issue.

Second, more than half of US consumers are nonetheless highly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging in general. They worry about a wide range of issues, not one single factor, such as marine litter. Third, consumers are willing to pay more for green, but they would also buy additional sustainably packaged products if more of them were available and they were better labeled. Fourth, if you ask consumers what they want to see going forward, they are almost equally interested in recyclable and recycled plastic packaging and in fiber-based substitutes. Fifth, the COVID-19 crisis has significantly heightened consumer sensitivity to hygiene and food safety, which are new strong preferences for packaging materials.

What lies ahead for sustainability? We found some answers in our global survey. This paper is based not only on the responses from US consumers but also on interviews with executives at retailers and FMCG companies, as well as packaging-industry executives in major end-user markets and across the main packaging substrates.

When we asked US consumers about the most important factors influencing their purchasing behavior, they gave a relatively low rank to the environmental aspects of products and their packaging. Indeed, across all end-use areas we surveyed, price, quality, and brand rank well ahead of packaging or environmental concerns (Exhibit 1).

Looking deeper into what US consumers expect from product packaging, we found that hygiene and food safety, shelf life, and ease of use are the top-ranked factors. The environmental impact is actually one of the lowest of seven, after appearance and durability (Exhibit 2). Forty-three percent of surveyed US consumers cited environmental impact as extremely or very important for packaging, compared with 77 percent for hygiene and food safety, 67 percent for shelf life, and 61 percent for ease of use. The relatively low importance US consumers attribute to environmental factors is certainly not unique; we see similar sentiments in China, France, and the United Kingdom. In Japan, environmental factors are actually significantly less important than they are in the United States. However, they rank somewhat higher in Germany and Italy and significantly higher in Brazil, India, and Indonesia.

When we ask US consumers about the importance of sustainable packaging when they purchase products for various end-use areas, some 38 percent say it is extremely or very important. Moreover, the responses are quite consistent across different end-use segments. The level of concern is somewhat higher for dairy products and lowestfor foodservice.

As for packaging substrates, some 57 to 60 percent of US consumers rank glass, paperboard, and paper as extremely or very sustainable. Interestingly, they rank these three only a little higher than compostable plastic films or fully recyclable plastic films and bottles: 53 to 57 percent of consumers see plastics as extremely or very sustainable. Metal containers rank a bit lower, at 48 percent, while aluminum foil and laminated packaging rank lowest, rated as extremely or very sustainable by only 37 percent and 32 percent of US consumers, respectively.

Our survey also assessed what kind of sustainable packaging US consumers expect to see more often. Preferences vary across the different end-use areas surveyed. Although not all consumers have strong specific preferences, a few common themes can guide players in the packaging value chain as they get to grips with consumer priorities:

Another issue will also have an impact on future substrate choices: significantly heightened consumer sensitivity to hygiene and food safety. In our survey, 71 percent of US respondents said they are more concerned about them than they were before the pandemic. Consumers rank glass as the safest packaging substrate (33 percent). Most others (including plastic, metal, and paper) rank at around 22 to 26 percent. US consumers rank aluminum foil and laminated packaging as the least safe substrate. These concerns and consumer preferences for different packaging materials will probably be a major consideration when the industry selects substrates to buttress its sustainability efforts.

To align with evolving consumer behavior, the whole packaging value chain must quickly consider and act on a number of issues. We suggest three immediate ways for packaging converters to jump-start their response:

Shipping costs are never going to get cheaper, but there is a way that you can save money on packaging. USPS gives its customers free shipping supplies to send packages through certain classes of mail.

At Packlane, we offer a variety of packages for you to choose from and customize. Our custom packaging boxes include Shipping Boxes, Mailer Boxes, and Product Boxes. They can be ordered in both stock and custom sizes at low minimums. These box styles are perfect for either retail packaging or ecommerce deliveries. Our Mailer Box and Shipping Box cardboard products are safe to mail, while our Product Box packages are intended for display (or to be placed within a shipping-safe box when sent out for delivery). Get started with our easy-to-use box designer and create custom printed packaging boxes for your brand today.

If you're building your design on one of our Illustrator templates, you can submit your file on our Dieline Upload tool and a quote for your project will be sent to you ASAP. You can also email your dieline to our customer support team and we'll send you back a quote. If you do not have packaging artwork for your box yet, you can get a rough quote by applying a solid color on any panels of our 3D design tool where you will want your design printed.

Our Standard turnaround for most custom packaging orders is around 10 business days and Rush turnaround is 7 business days. These turnarounds do not include transit time (1 - 7 business days depending on your location). Special custom or bulk orders may require a few extra days to get setup and produced. Please note that during extremely busy times of year some orders may take longer to complete. While delivery estimates cannot be guaranteed, all dates shown at checkout are the quickest estimate we offer. If your delivery date is time sensitive, we highly recommend choosing Rush production and expedited shipping for your box orders.

As a high-volume producer with scale economies, Packlane provides the industry's most competitive prices on custom printed boxes available. Pricing is generally a factor of five things: dimensions, box style, ink coverage on the box, box material, and quantity (higher quantities = bulk savings). Custom orders of 5,000 or more can be eligible for volume discounts. If you have questions about pricing or choices that can affect your custom packaging order, our customer support team is happy to help!

After checkout, our dedicated Prepress team will review your design for any technical concerns and send a 2D digital proof of your custom boxes to your email within 24 hours. If any changes need to be made, you can send a note directly to our Prepress team through the proof page and they'll be happy to help with finalizing your design for printing.","faq_category":"Homepage"},"faq_category_question_id":"7","faq_category_id":"1","faq_question_id":"7","sort":"6","hide_flag":"n","question":"Will I see a proof for my order?","answer":"All new orders will receive a digital proof within 24 hours of completing the checkout process.","faq_category":"Homepage","faq_category_question_id":"8","faq_category_id":"1","faq_question_id":"8","sort":"7","hide_flag":"n","question":"How do I know if my art is printable?","answer":"Our dedicated in-house Prepress team will review your custom box design for any technical concerns (artwork resolution, blurriness, splits, thin lines, and bleeds) and if found, will note them for your attention in the proof. If you're unsure of how to fix any printing concerns that are noted, our Prepress representatives are happy to help you through the process. It's important to keep in mind that our team does not check for spelling or grammar errors, nor do they provide any subjective feedback on design content.","faq_category":"Homepage","faq_category_question_id":"9","faq_category_id":"1","faq_question_id":"9","sort":"8","hide_flag":"n","question":"Can you print inside the boxes?","answer":"Yes! We can print on the inside of any of our corrugated box styles. This includes Mailers, Shipping Boxes, and Tuck Tops (our secret menu product!). Product Boxes are currently limited to printing on the exterior only. You can even use our online box designer to design the inside of your custom boxes. For Shippers and Tuck Tops, we currently require a 2D dieline template be submitted for both the interior and exterior so we can set up your order as a custom order. You can also submit designs this way for our Mailer boxes, if you prefer to build on a 2D Illustrator template instead of our free 3D box design tool.","faq_category":"Homepage","faq_category_question_id":"10","faq_category_id":"1","faq_question_id":"10","sort":"9","hide_flag":"n","question":"What choices affect my pricing?","answer":"As a high-volume producer with scale economies, Packlane provides the industry's most competitive prices on custom printed boxes available. Pricing is generally a factor of five things: dimensions, box style, ink coverage on the box, box material, and quantity (higher quantities = bulk savings). Custom orders of 5,000 or more can be eligible for volume discounts. If you have questions about pricing or choices that can affect your custom packaging order, our customer support team is happy to help!","faq_category":"Homepage"]) Request a quote Get a custom quote for boxes and more. REQUEST QUOTE Custom Packaging Mailer Boxes Product Boxes Standard Shipping Boxes Econoflex Shipping Boxes Company About Us Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Accessibility Statement Blog Help Support Portal Artwork Tips and Tricks Request a Quote FAQs Sign up for exclusive offers You've been successfully subscribed! Invalid email Payment Methods Our website is compatible with many popular payment methods. SSL 100% Secure Transactions. 041b061a72


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