"If there is one event you want to go to for self-development, then Silver Sirens is it! It encompassed absolutely everything I was looking for in mind, body and spirit as a mature 51-year-old, and I didn’t know this is what I was seeking until I attended this event!"

2019 SS Event Attendee

Silver Sirens celebrates the rise of culture’s fascinating 40+ female demographic.

As massive cultural shifts occur around the world a revolution is also taking place amongst everyday women. 50 isn’t the new anything else anymore. 50 is enough.


Silver Sirens is a growing annual Sydney-based gathering that explores and celebrates this extraordinary ‘sweet spot’ period in women's’ lives, when they have put in the years that build wealth, financial stability, and life wisdom, are no longer consumed with raising kids, chasing careers or studying  - yet still have energy to burn. As each new wave of contemporary women reaches middle age, they rewrite the blueprint of how we see ageing. The truth is that 50+ women are becoming freer, more financially independent, visible and expressed than at any time in history.

The Silver Sirens event re-inspired, re-empowered and re-defined what it means to be a woman—particularly a woman over forty—and how we can draw on our personal strength to effect change within our homes, communities and culture. 

Who Are the Silver Sirens

  • They are women over 40

  • They are undergoing major life changes and making challenging life choices to create the life they want to live

  • ​Some are choosing to leave their marriages, have more autonomy and fulfil their potential outside of traditional roles

  • ​Others have independent children, giving them more time to focus on exploring their own dreams and desires.

  • ​Many are choosing to remain single and live alone

  • ​What each woman has in common is the desire to explore her agency and the opportunity to fulfil her full potential

  • ​Their priority used to be taking care of others, now they seek to focus on their own development and potential