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The Re-Defining Ageing Event

"Today was such a fantastic mix of comedy, deep confrontation, intensely private moments, hope, inspiration and embracing change.
Every person who stepped on the stage had something insightful to offer.
I’m grateful you got the call, had the courage to birth it and I was able to be a part of something so sacred."

Alexis, 2019 Event Attendee

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Re-Defining Ageing 2020

Join the Revolution!

"If there is one event you want to go to for self-development, then Silver Sirens is it! It encompassed absolutely everything I was looking for in mind, body and spirit as a mature 51-year-old, and I didn’t know this is what I was seeking until I attended this event!"

Re-defining Ageing is an inclusive event for all women. It addresses and celebrates the ageing process for women over 40 and provides role models for women of all ages

The hugely successful Silver Sirens movement, now in its third year, distills and celebrates everything exciting that is happening to women as a new movement is born. 


For one powerful, inspirational day women gather together, sister Silver Sirens from all walks of life, to benefit from the guidance, wit, wisdom - even vulnerability - of expert speakers. Throughout the day, the leaders explore the pillars of enhanced living and the reimagining of our own negative internal dialogue around aging, to make the very most of this new phase of life. 

This includes:


●    Wellness 

●    Healthy Mindset

●    Business

●    Leadership

●    Spirituality

●    Change-makers

●    Community

●    Financial health 

●    Mentoring the next generation

●    Motherhood/Not having children


Silver Sirens Comes of Age

In an era when women are stepping out of the shadows to speak up, be heard, and tackle issues like violence, harassment, gender inequality and homelessness in ways that would have been unthinkable ten years ago, the B word’s time has come. Bravery and boldness were to be at the forefront of the Silver Sirens Sydney event as originally planned: from the speakers, to the themes we were to be tackling. COVID-19 takes this to a whole new level.


The Silver Sirens event date, 29 August, has been purposefully chosen as a significant seasonal change point. 


“The truth is we don’t know what will have transpired in the months between now and 29 August, but we anticipate that this will be a post-COVID time of emergence globally. In Australia, we will be getting ready for springtime, with all the symbolism of new life and new beginnings, while in the northern hemisphere there will be an opportunity to assimilate.


“This is not about getting back to ‘business as usual’. Moving from a global pandemic with all the associated fears, health concerns and economic implications, we are claiming this unique moment to re-set, re-define and co-create.


“No matter where we are in the world, our participation as visionaries, change makers, home makers and love makers is vital” says Agugu.

Silver Sirens Event Details


A clarion call is currently going out to women across the globe as we assemble our keynote elders, truth tellers, performers and gift bearers. Updates will be posted across social media channels as we build momentum in the coming months. 


Global indigenous wisdom, financial and environmental responsibilities are the undercurrents of our hooks. Some of the issues that we will be exploring at Silver Sirens 2020 include:


  • Mentoring and Philanthropy


Our maturity is a resource and it is time to see our value. We have the capacity to shape our sons, mentor younger women, enrich others with our life lessons and stories. As we join the ranks of society’s elders, we can show younger women what lies ahead: an esteemed role to evolve into, even look forward to. We are uniquely placed to contribute to our communities. Who has time to obsess about wrinkles when our superpowers are sorely needed? Let’s light the fire and get to work!


  • Walking the Walk


As sustainability and environmental concerns become paramount, it’s time to make the political personal and start with our own behaviour. We’ll explore how to embody these changes with habits of consumption and a more planet-friendly, intentional life. 


  • Financial Empowerment


While we honour women’s traditional role as nurturers, and natural inclination for jumping in to help, we also see the impact when women end up doing unpaid work. We want to challenge cultural assumptions that this is just the way it is and create a vision in which women are appropriately remunerated. 

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